First Panel Complete

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3 and a half hours to get this… Nice!

closeup Wisdom



Page 14 Complete

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Coloring Pages Soon

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I’d like to do some coloring pages for some of the action poses where it features just one character. There’s at least two coming up in chapter one. The first one will be happen in the next couple of pages.

Page 15 Progress

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Wisdom Garment Comparison

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From the moment I started drawing his outfit, I wasn’t really sure what it looked like. By the time I got to page 14, I had narrowed it down to specific patterns and accessories, although I’m still debating on jewelry.

improvements wisdom

This painting gave me the leaf patterns idea. I had drawn this outside the comic, but it helped define what element he represented.



Page 14 ~ Nearly Complete

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Made some improvements along the way.


Nearly Complete…

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