Chapter Idea

I’ve been plugging along with this one particular scene from No’va and in doing so have come across a possible antagonist that threatens the characters throughout the rest of the story… possibly. Recently, I introduced Everest in the mix, an underling in comparison to the rest of her kind. We discover that she has two larger sisters, each with a possibly ferocious appetite.

I’m thinking that when the group finally reached Trully, Everest scampers back into the wooded parts, leaving the group to themselves. The two sisters are nearby and attack. But Everest comes to their aid and shows her sisters what her wings are really made of. In the confusion, one sister is fatally wounded.

This leaves the other sister seeking revenge. Could put a damper on things if she has her fangs ready for either Healer’s blood… or human…


~ by wisdomnovels on October 29, 2017.

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