Book IV “No’va” – Chapter 1

I don’t think I’ve posted a complete chapter as of yet, and I have five of them done so far. So what I’ll do is post one a week. Any feedback is great. Let me now what you think as the story progresses.

If you need a summary, check Book 4 link to see what it’s all about!

Please Note: some formatting didn’t carry over, like italics, etc.


The streets of the old city were silent. Colorless, as Jenario saw it, like the winter sky threatening to flurry at any moment. He fixed his gaze back to the lone corner, hoping no guards were on patrol this late at night. Closing his eyes, he thought over the escape plan. When he reopened them, his uncertainly was no different than his cold surroundings. It was pointless to turn back now.

He felt an inner pocket where he had last put the list of names. When the sound of crimping paper met his ears, he gave it a good pat before moving alongside a shadowed building. The list was proof enough that the council was targeting people. Jenario had even seen his own name, among countless others he recognized. At the corner, he held his breath before peering around its side – empty. He released his breath in a puff that he could see in the frigid air.

Want to read the complete chapter? See the full post here: Wisdom Novels® Official Blog


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