Changing Comix

I’m thinking about revamping the graphic novel to look like this type of style. I think the semi-realistic look was great, but it’s far easier to redraw characters when they’re in a cartoon form. The backgrounds are not so bad. I’ll still keep them stylized/semi-realistic.

I’ve been reading and following several web comics, and I really love the different styles on each one. Some of totally realistic, from character to background. Then you have total cartoons. Then you have a mix.

I’ve got parts of chaptpers drawn out in several different styles, so instead of restarting the comic, I’ll just continue with what I have and then add to it over time. It’ll look like several artists drew it because of the mish-match style, but that’ll be the beauty of it. It’s like a progressive art piece. I’ll look back and see how I drew then, and how I draw now.




~ by wisdomnovels on May 6, 2016.

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