It was the dense fog that covered the young thief’s tracks. Holding tightly to her stolen prize, she rounded a corner and darted into the security of darkness. She needed no light for guidance, as the narrow alleyway had been traveled so many times she knew it by heart.

Her hand traced the familiar textures of wood along the row of buildings. All the while a smile played across her lips while clutching a piece of jewelry, as losing such a valuable in this weather would prove hard to retrieve. Now and then she would glance to it to see if the diamonds still shown in the dark. Sometimes they could, but the building fog prevented even the tiniest hint.

Though early morning, the alley was like night. Yet she neatly turned corners and avoided broken crates and other discarded items without a misplaced step.

Don’t stop, she urged herself onward, though the temptation to study her catch of the day was clouding her better judgment. The weight of it in itself suggested its worth, as it was budding with jewels. Just a little ways more to the guild.

The Thieves’ Guild was a couple of alleys over from her current location when she slowed and drew it up close. It was nearly impossible to see, and disappointment soon settled in.

“This fog!” she breathed.

A faint clack of boards shifting against one another slightly startled her. There was no echo in the dense fog, though the sound had come from up ahead.

The young thief held her position, straining to make out any other movement.

A flap of wings, then silence.

Just some bird, she reasoned and picked up her pace.

Another flap, this time from behind.

The thief halted. Instinct drove her gaze toward the sound of scraping along the rooftop. A pointless move, for the fog was too thick. There came a thud in the dirt, as though whatever had been up top had fallen. Another flap, louder this time, suggested something on a larger scale.

“Hello?” She took a step toward a strange cooing. A mound of feathers began to take shape as she came close. “Aw, poor thing. Did ya lose your way?” She reached out to touch the silvery feathers when they suddenly recoiled. A throaty growl erupted.

The girl froze, locked in wide-eyed fear while the feathery mound began to unfurl. Her eyes trailed from the tip of the wing stretching with ease the width of the alley. Standing at full height, it slightly towered above her head with piercing gaze she could not turn away from.

Her mouth opened at the underside of a taloned hand striking head-on. In place of screams came gurgles, followed by silence. Briefly did the White Wing stand over the still-twitching body before returning to its rooftop perch.


~ by wisdomnovels on July 8, 2015.

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