Book IV – No’va

Been working on some character backgrounds lately for the next book No’va. It might just be one of the hardest books I’m planning to write so far. For one thing, and if you’ve read the first two books, you’d know that the Dark Horn is the main villian. However, the fourth book takes place prior to its creation. So who’s the villain this time? Jenario?

I never really considered Jenario a villain, even after he created it. I just think he was power hungry. But how did he get that way? If he traveled with three other companions – Thomas Gracie, Shafari, and Nickademis – how did they get where they are presently? Why did Shafari get greedy, or Thomas to be Lord Gracie and become Grand Master? Or Nickademis…

Okay, now Nickademis is the only characters who doesn’t have any special wants or desires, except to become a better doctor to the people. When I developing his background story, he had the least bullet points. The only thing he has is a son named Nicolas. And it’s Nicolas that ends up living with Lord Gracie in the end – AND have magic.

And I’m probably going to go into detail about the levels a Healer can be in this book as well. So far, this is what I have:

TYPES OF HEALERS – will get to these more in the Book V Champions
– Ember Mage (fire)
– Land Healer (earth) – our main hero
– Wind Thief (air)
– Wave Racer (water)

– The Category: deals more with minerals, or a single type within the main Element, such as sand or snow, before becoming One – is considered the lowest of Healers

– The Guardian: One with Nature, uses energy to heal/manipulate magic from chosen element

– The Master: can become their chosen element for swift traveling method, but has duties to Nature

– The Vilanchi: these horned Healers are separately chosen by Nature to ensure Masters use their powers only for the sake of keeping balance within their elements. Are able to control all four elements. You can tell which one they’re using by the color of their eyes. Can use two elements at the same time. (i would say these don’t appear until after the Dark Unicorn’s defeat). Only ever two Vilanchi: one male, one female.

Vilanchi sort of take the place of unicorns after the Dark Unicorn is destroyed. Because unicorns are supposedly the Voice of Nature, they become freed from Nature’s control and so She needs something else to use as Her voice.

I think the next chapter I have to write is going to be it for the Dark Unicorn/Jenario. An intense battle, it will show everyone who’s currently fighting to save humanity.

Fun stuff. Will be glad when it’s over!


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