Chapter Snippet

This was cut from last chapter and pasted into the next – continued fight between Wisdom and his father.


Letting out a huff, he dipped his head in preparation for what was sure to come. Beneath him, he could see the shadow of Osha’s horn perched upon his own forehead. The transformation to unicorn should have taken his kind by surprise. No Lo-ans’rel took the form of a unicorn. Yet his people were so possessed with anger that little else mattered.

The bear’s gaping jaws let out a roar. It was a sign of charge. Without hesitation, his people burst through the projected flames, unafraid.

Tossing his mane, Wisdom reared and let out a high-pitched whinny. Taking this cue, the Simpleton’s dropped the shield disguising Alexander’s readied troops. With heated weapons and heavy armor, it was their only defense against the nimble Healers.

The prince was not without his own gashes along his flank. Ribbons of crimson contrasted against alabaster fur, and a throbbing reminder to reconsider his next moves. Although his father was not known for boisterous transformations, the bear certainly made for a challenge. Anther rip down his right side, and Wisdom retreated.

How long, Osha! he pleaded, sparing a glance to those around him. The men, though equipped with heated armor, could only hold out for so long. As the armor quickly cooled, the Healers would attack in twos and threes. A single soldier was easily brought down. So quickly did they advance that there was no time to exchange weapons for reheating.


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