Chapter Snippet

It was the lull of pulsating power within the fog that drew him further south. As the Lo-ans’rel leader left the ruins of Lexington, he moved his kind toward the welcoming persuasion, and promise, of control.

Let the harpies deal with the half-breeds, it purred in Chronicles’ mind. There is more to conquer….

The speed of Lo-ans’rel was a considerable difference compared to humans. With magic still churning within their veins, they used its energy to speed up travel, and became little more than a blur of colored garments spotted here and there between trees.

It was not long before the Realm of Lexington was but a memory. Now on the main road, Chronicles stopped to expand his animal-like senses and test the air. Nostrils flared to catch drifting fragrances of passersby….and something else.

The road had curved over a hill, revealing the next realm – and the source of pull each Healer had felt the closer they came.

The storm.

CURSES UNDER HIS BREATH. Chronicles had never glimpsed anything so massive. The sheer volume of black clouds building up completely vanished in itself. He could see no end to its heigth. Even the fields leading down into its core were devoured into the spreading darkness.


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