Chapter Snippet

Opening scene to chapter from “Healer” – 6 more chapters to write after this!!!!!



Even before their ships had pulled into port, Blackavar and his crew knew something was wrong. All along the docks, people lined up in desperate need to leave. A quick glance around confirmed the vacancies of recent vessels passing them on their way in. The grim expressions of those people confirmed the Master Thief’s fear.

The war had started.

The Guild…. Blackavar cast a glance to those closest to him from the docks. Crying children clung to their parents while lines were thrown out from the ship to waiting men. Husbands tried to console wives. Many contained multiple marks either on the face or arms, bloodied and badly bruised. They were the lucky ones, he reasoned, and searched the remaining sea of faces in hopes of finding someone he knew from the guild, someone who would prove they had escaped.

But there were none.

When the vessel was secured and walkway attached, Blackavar was one of the first off, along with his merchants. With their belongings still left at the town of Trully, thy instead brought with them the hope to save their comrades from whatever these people had seen.

Distant rumblings unnerved everyone. The thief watched as the people tried to pack themselves together, though it was unlikely they would fit an entire town onto one vessel. That’s when fighting broke out.

“Leave it.” Blackavar motioned for his men to follow with grim expression. They could hear the stories all around. People spoke of “winged creatures” that attacked from above.

“Thrown clear across the rooftops!” one man exclaimed. His right arm was in a make-shift sling, and by the looks of his other, Blackavar guessed it might have been himself who was thrown.

“They came out of nowhere!” a woman whaled. “My children! My babies! All gone!”

“What we ta-do, Blackavar?” one of his merchants asked. “If these ar’ true, then ain’t we wasting time? What with these creatures comin’ down on us and all. We’d fair no betta’ then these.”

Blackavar paused to consider. The Thieves Guild was mainly underground, so with the stories mostly about creatures that flew, there was a chance the guild and its members were untouched.

Providing they stay underground, he thought grimly.

“Ye don’t have to come,” he said at last. “But I for one have to see for meself if those at the guild need aid.”


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