Chapter Plot Points

The chapter I’m currently writing has four scenes. The first starts off with Blackavar, a Master Thief, returning to his home city to warn the guild members of the coming war. Only problem is, the war has already started and the city is under attack by large, winged harpies and Healers. So now the problem deepens by trying to figure out how to even get into the city to rescue his people.

The next scene follows with Shy, who’s traveling with Glory (main character’s fiancee) and his own lovely lady friend, Katherine. Glory is trying to reach her family in the same city while Shy is trying to convince her it’s too dangerous to go alone. Thus the traveling together thing (inside a crystal necklace worn around Shy’s neck). That ought to keep people from wandering off! Yet, like the first scene, havoc has already struck, leaving Shy facing off with an angry harpy leader (father to a friend of his) who believes Shy is a traitor to his own Healer kin. Ouch!

The third scene takes place inside Glory’s home where Shy is trying to reach. While her father desperately tries to keep the harpies from reaching the rest of the family, Valor (former finance to Glory) has been suckered into helping with the battle against harpies. He’s such a wimp that he ends up running off and leaving Glory’s father battling alone.

The final scene happens right outside in the nearly woods. When Shy was battling with the harpy leader, Rusha, his wing was broken and he’s unable to fend off the guards that have been dispatched to deal with surrounding harpies invading from the city. He’s momentary spared when Chronicles, leader of the Healers, lends a hand against the attacking humans. However, he refuses to heal Rusha. Instead, he plans to use the harpy’s demise to fuel those still fighting, and bend them more to his will. What a jerk!


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