Graphic Novel Cover “Wisdom”


Wisdom, The Beginning is a companion graphic novel to the first book in the trilogy: Blue Moon Rising.

Started back in 2012, the story was meant to illustrate the prologue where Jenario creates the first Black Unicorn, and ultimately his downfall. Up until now, it’s been on temporary hiatus for other projects. However, creative juices are starting to flow again, so I’m thinking about adding another page fairly soon.

The style of the graphic novel is a semi-realism, which takes about two or three days per page to complete (roughly six to eight hours of sitting). You can imagine how long it would take to do a full graphic novel of this quality.

I will still post updates on other things and put them in the links sidebar, as far as artwork goes. As for writing, please check my main blog for those updates as well.

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~ by wisdomnovels on July 27, 2014.

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