Graphic Novel Cover “Wisdom”

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Wisdom, The Beginning is a companion graphic novel to the first book in the trilogy: Blue Moon Rising.

Started back in 2012, the story was meant to illustrate the prologue where Jenario creates the first Black Unicorn, and ultimately his downfall. Up until now, it’s been on temporary hiatus for other projects. However, creative juices are starting to flow again, so I’m thinking about adding another page fairly soon.

The style of the graphic novel is a semi-realism, which takes about two or three days per page to complete (roughly six to eight hours of sitting). You can imagine how long it would take to do a full graphic novel of this quality.

I will still post updates on other things and put them in the links sidebar, as far as artwork goes. As for writing, please check my main blog for those updates as well.

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Savannah’s Haven – Music

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Nasus Commission

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From League of Legends…

Last Dance – MP3

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lastdanceMusic available on Spotify, Grove, Amazon, &

This piece was used to accompany a short snippet featuring two of my characters. Last Dance was also commented on by a young man who said he won a girlfriend by sharing this song with her. How sweet is that!

Shafari ~ Character Doll

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Finally finished him, and doesn’t he go well in the snow! Character from book four “No’va” – Shafari. I wanted his clothing fairly simple, though I might add some embroidery later on. I picked up this really pretty multi-color thread that just went so well with the crimson robe.

This is his younger version, as book four reveals more of his past and the start of his path that leads him to use curses more so than magic.

Meet Shafari

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Just minor details on his robe now… he’s nearly done.


Shafari is the residential Fire Mage in the upcoming book “No’va”. While his skills need improving, his fire is without a doubt going to do some damage… even if it’s not what he intends.

Shafari’s weakness is greed. He’s greedy for power. He’s greedy for money. Good thing his companion’s got this new gift from the unicorn that’s going to advance his skills so he can achieve just that!

I love how his pet orb came out. In the book, the floating orb lights many a ways through the night. But it’s the relationship they share that gives it a personality similar to a dog that just wants to please its master.



New Music

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Beyond the Desert is a conceptual piece based off a scene where the characters find themselves lost in a desert. How and why, I have no clue, but this piece was really fun to create.

No’va: Ch 2 – Full

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There was no telling how far into the mountains the tunnel went. With a single lantern, all Thomas Gracie could see was a small amount of light passing over gray stone wall. He was careful where he stepped, as the cavern floor was uneven. Stalagmites littered where water had contorted the stone with mineral deposits over time. Some were fairly large spikes, which Thomas Gracie picked his way around. He dipped to his left, avoiding a low-hanging stalactite. Another nearly caught his shoulder.

It must have leaked through this part. He hunched low to keep from smacking a whole family of them. Wonder how Jenario’s fairing?

He had to laugh, then listened to the echoes of his solitary musings fade down the tunnel. It was too easy to imagine the young man smacking into one of these long rock formations, though he hoped no injuries occurred in the frigid weather. Nickademis already had his hands full back at camp. Adding one of the four leaders would only dishearten the group from a survival perspective.



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