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Nina is a cell-shading or poly-art style comic. It depicts a scene that could possibly take place after the main novel series.

Characters thus far: Nina, Wisdom, Kendra, Krisyana, Azryael

Reports of people changing into Dark Ones have drawn a trio of friends to the land of Astra, a land where people do not believe in the existence of magic. Escorted by Ambassador Master Wisdom, a Land Healer and shape-shifter from No’va, Nina is excited to explore a new location with his Ember Mage friend Kendra.

Immediately upon their arrival she senses others like Wisdom, and is greeted by their exotic and secretive guide, Krisyana. It seems strange to learn that the Council of Elemental Healers and others have made their central meeting in a land where people do not associate with magic. They are warned of changings in the area that have already been dealt with – and an unexpected visitor who is taken into custody due to a planned ambush on the Ambassador.

Nina’s pale features are comparable to the looks of Dark Ones, and it would seem the Council has its hands full with other matters than let a teenage girl enter their meeting. With secrets in every corner, their task of locating an actual Dark One may prove more challenging than expected.

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Krisyana WIP

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Deadly as she is graceful… Done for a friend’s birthday gift…

Krisyana Chapter

Page 9 WIP

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Just need to finish up the background on this one…

Page 9

Opening Page Revamped

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Page 8

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Artemus Speed Painting

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Nina is a teenage girl who accompanies two companions across the sea to the land of Astra. Although she has no magic, she can easily manipulate the energy within others to switch their powers on and off. Now she must use this ability to help control potentially harmful Dark Magic and those affected by it.

nina concept

Character Concept – Janus

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Janus was originally created as an older gentleman, an illusion used by Imitation Spiders to lure victims into their layers. The latest concept was inspired by an actual person, who will make an appearance at some point in the online comic “Nina” when things get a little “out of hand”…

Janus Character